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IfMusicBe by FamousWalkerA IfMusicBe :iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 1 7
Out of all the parasites and addict scum
I could talk to you, though you're drunk you weren't dumb
I always wondered, through our banter of "you geezer" and "you bum"
Why you'd act joyous yet your eyes remained glum.
Could it be you were a soldier and had taken life?
Was it because this is your umpteenth wife?
Is that why you use alcohol to quell internal strife?
Old school scarred, caused by another and not your own knife.
None of the above
You confided in me, you no longer had your daughters love
Cancer had taken away your dove
Thus in vice you seek escape from the memory thereof.
Functional alcoholic is the du jour term
But alcohol enables you to function, I can empathize and confirm
Though compared to yours, my pain isn't even enough to elicit a squirm
I get why to the world, a jester's persona you would affirm.
I have to believe every cloud has it's silver lining
Thank you for making me listen despite my mind's recent whining
And for my quick to judge people realigning
Because pai
:iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 2 13
Artistic Integrity
You have always wanted to write haven't you?
Years have passed, on a leaf since then who could count the dew?
When it was as simple as just to do.
That is why this fight has started as excuses aren't few.
Had it been chess my enemy would be white
It's congregation moves with it's plight 
Depending from our point of view what is right
So laziness has upon it shone first light.
"There are better things to do with your time
Than to wonder what words could rhyme
Television could consume you with it's shine
And if you have pain, just dull it with wine.”
To my first enemy I say you are the sin of sloth
And my gates will not be as weak as Rome's were to the Goth
To not wonder what words would rhyme would be as naked without cloth
Be gone vermin, or face my wroth.
Vanquished mine enemy dissipate
Step forward doubt, eagerly damage to inflict it'll anticipate 
In a campaign of mutuality it'll participate
And we face each other with equal hate.
"So if you write who'd listen?
Do yo
:iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 2 4
OnceMore by FamousWalkerA OnceMore :iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 1 0
I so hate what's done
But I love what can't be undone
Like the seasons continue
:iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 0 2
Mature content
Exile :iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 2 5
Athazagoraphobia by FamousWalkerA Athazagoraphobia :iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 0 0
A Way Forward
When all my house lay long in deep repose
Darkness within, and because no moon arose
Pain exceeding the ability of prose
Leads to tears whence this poem's compose.
I fell for you despite my own rule
Because your brilliance is the envy of every jewel
Knowing the end result would be cruel
I proceeded enamored, as an enamored fool.
It felt like you were the sun while I was in perihelion
But then came time away from your conversation, conspiracy, positively Machiavellian
Its cause effected me to be a hellion
Despite any and all a tantrum, not having you, put me in my aphelion.
That is when, on a diet of pain one will consistently dine
And one gets to wear lipstick of red wine
When to a wheelchair one's soul is confine
For unrequited love has severed its spine.
Fragile, you look up from the great below
Through the mire of woe
You want to ask, but feel that too much you your God already owe
Just once more, please out of this, the way He might show.
That is when you realise you're made in His
:iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 2 0
Comfy by FamousWalkerA Comfy :iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 0 0 Anything good on TV? by FamousWalkerA Anything good on TV? :iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 0 0
Modern Ball
Lady, you're better than the mythology.
Forget what they say in astrology.
You're the original reason for cardiology.
With your feminine methodology.
Icarus had his reasons to fly from Crete.
But lady you're the reason men fall, when they try gravity cheat.
That impact back on earth with a helping of dirt to eat.
Is worth while over and over again just to bow at your feet.
If I'm ever fortunate to get the chance.
I'd ask Apollo to play the music for our dance.
And considering your ladyship, he'd bring the pantheon to enhance.
Yet they'd not be necessary as you're capable to sway any and all into a trance.
Despite my attempts of cunning.
My efforts are thwarted and lead to silent cussing.
Just to see you so sad, asking the question with mascara running.
“Why do I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we're nothing?”
:iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 1 3
Green Tea
boiling into cup
white wisps into winter's air
soul begins repair 
:iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 1 3
Woman stare across
Outside one meets a winter
Wine swirling clockwise
:iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 0 0
Code of Conduct
Statistics show literature is perceived coming more from a “male womb”
You don't believe me? Check this flowering fact bloom
JK Rowling is Jo's nom de plume
And yet by far ladies are the one's who buy the next book in order for the reading to resume.
Men would write metaphors to promote self-worth expanding
Women read, thus obtains a better understanding
Of men's point of view, our particular branding
And so fosters empathy towards us for wanting to be commanding.
Chivalry might be dead
So it is up to my generation to have a new code bred
One where gratitude for comprehending us, is fed
And that the main concern is no longer just what happens in bed.
Guys, do something for her, perhaps a dinner for a lady you'd cook
Maybe arrange a picnic for her next to a brook
Or you could take a page from Pat's Silver Linings Playbook
And listen to the lady, be sure what she is saying is not mistook.
:iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 1 0
Prelude by FamousWalkerA Prelude :iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 0 0 Morning by FamousWalkerA Morning :iconfamouswalkera:FamousWalkerA 2 0



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
South Africa
Let's see now... a Few things that I have; decent imagination, time on my hands, the need to write.
No not just a dream, but also an idea of what a phoenix might feel like. I can say that with a grin on my face (and yes, people grin in real life and not just in novels).



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